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Digital Day Clock / Watch

Online Catalogue | Digital Day Clock / Watch

Digital Calendar Day Clock - i7.6  20140115

Digital Calendar Day Clock - i7.6 20140115

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* The fantastic Digital Calendar Day Clock (updated).
* Can display in any of the 8 built in languages.
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LCD Day Watch -  Model No. WT6090

LCD Day Watch - Model No. WT6090

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THEY ARE HERE! Another New Unique product from Dayclox.
This LCD Day Watch with its clear easy to read 28 mm dial has an underline bar for the Day of the week - Silver body with Black Faux Leather Strap. Digital Time display.
The watch has an alarm stop watch and illuminated night button for the display.
Half Price Special Offer - when bought with any of our Day Clox.
Please Note: These watches are not in gift packaging and shipped in a padded envelope only.

Digital Calendar Day Clock Model i7.6 Digital Calendar Day Clock Model i7.6

This unique clock was designed and created in North Wales by Bob McAlister - it can display in any of its built in 8 different languages, with 12 or 24 hour and British or American Date format and powered by a 100 to 250 volts supply adapter for Worldwide use:

It can display in: English - British or American Style.

Gall hyn un cloc harddangos yn: Cymraeg (Welsh),

Cette même horloge peut afficher dans: Francais - (French)

Die gleiche Uhr kann angezeigt in: Deutsch - (German)

Este mismo reloj puede mostrar en: Espanol - (Spanish)

Dezelfde klok kan weergeven in: Nederlands - (Dutch)

Questo stesso orologio in grado di visualizzare in: Italiano - (Italian)

Ten sam zegar moze wyswietlac sie w: Polski - (Polish)
Alzheimer's & Dementia

Alzheimer's & Dementia

What Day is it? and What time is it?
are familiar calls for the carers and family members of Alzheimer's & Dementia sufferers.

Day clocks are reported to be an effective simple solution by displaying the day has shown to be a great help!

Help in the design was provided by both carer and sufferer for us to develope our Digital Calendar Day Clock.

Often referred to as the best "Dementia Clock" for being the clearest easy to read display.
Customers tell us, this is exactly what they wanted!

See below, the difference between a Day-Clock and a Dayclox clock.

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time

Much has been said about Daylight Saving Times, many consider it to be a simple and important feature that should be built into our clocks.
It could create many problems, more than it is worth. First, it is a politically fragile subject and could be changed by the government of the day; as happened in 1968 to 1971 something few actually remember.
Also the actual date for DST varies year by year.

After much consideration our designers choice of NOT including this feature. For the sake of a 30 second effort to simply move the 1 hour forward or back twice a year. If the user is unable to make that adjustment, they can request a family member, or carer to do it for them.
Please view the map to note the complexity of worldwide time zones. We recommend reading the somewhat complex issues at:

North American Continent

North American Continent

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Online Catalogue | Digital Day Clock / Watch