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x-Digital Clock i8/15+

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Brand:  DayClox

Coming Soon. - ONE CLOCK FOR ALL

DayClox created the original exciting 8 inch “Easy to Read” digital clock requiring just a quick glance for the Day, Time and Date.

After 8 years of continued research in to improvement of the Easy to Read display, found some displays easier for different people and so now introduce the choice of the standard black screen with white lettering plus what many found what they described as Newspaper print, Black lettering on  a White background all available in any of the 15 languages. 

English Only choice gets an extra line plus a dual screen in Black and White or Red, White and Blue colored display.

The original digital clock was so quickly embraced by the Alzheimer's, Dementia and Sight impaired communities as being the best clock with its size, the ability to be Wall Hanging or Self Standing for use in almost any environment, home or office:

Especially favoured as it did not include and other features that could confuse, or distract it from its purpose!

Only many of the copycat products describe them as a Dementia Clock it never was!  

Our DayClox i8/15 (i is for international ) Model ‘15’ features the 15 built-in default languages:

  • 1, French,
  • 2, German,
  • 3, Italian,
  • 4, Dutch,
  • 5, Spanish,
  • 6, Polish,
  • 7, Welsh,
  • 8,Hebrew,
  • 9, Russian,
  • 10, Portuguese,
  • 11, Greek,
  • 12, Finish,
  • 13, Swedish,
  • 14, Norwegian,
  • 15, English, Plus English 4 Line Colour Display.

12 Month Guarantee.

Why not choose one of designer frames for your digital clock, additional charge will be £2.95

This item qualifies for the Tax Exempt scheme - EU Residents can save 20% VAT

The DayClox brand is the most well-known in the UK market, the clocks also have a singular purpose (which non-technical people will find more comforting than potential confusing "dual-displays"

We recommend you read carefully before you purchase.

  • Wall Hanging or Self Standing (with built in stand)
  • Dual Time mode – 12 or 24 hour.
  • Dual Date mode – (British) - dd/mm/yyyy or (American) - mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Multi-Lingual Display 15 Languages 
  • Power adaptor – 100-250V AC – Output DC5 volt 1 amp
  • 6 foot (1.8m) cable fitted with suitable plug for users’ location.
  • Silent in operation
  • Night dimmer from 7pm (19.00hrs) to 7am (07.00hrs)
  • The clock is designed to stay connected to the power supply at all times.
  • Daylight savings time changes require user adjustment
  • Clock accuracy is +/- 0.02%
  • White plastic frame: 8" LED Screen (203mm) diagonal - 6.4 (162mm) wide x 4.8 (122mm) high.
  • Overall Size: 8.55" (217mm) wide x 6.76" (173mm) high - 0.9 (25mm) deep.
  • Character Heights: Day: 0.95" (24.33mm) - Time: 1.43" (36.5mm) - Date: 0.38" (9.45mm).
  • Net weight: 465g, (excluding power adaptor) Shipping weight: 780g (including power adaptor).

Please Note: We strongly recommend that these clocks are not sent direct to people living with Alzheimer's & Dementia as initial set up may require assistance.

Do you have a question?

Our customer service team are here to help you.

  • Use our contact us page to send an email direct to customer service.
  • Telephone 01745 334020

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

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Temporary disabilities such as broken bones, or even postoperative confusion, are not classed as chronic disabilities or impairments.

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