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Digital Clock 8E

Digital Clock 8E£72.95   £43.14

Digital Clock 8E Colour

Digital Clock 8E Colour£74.95   £43.14

Digital Clock i8A International

Digital Clock i8A International£72.95   £43.14

Digital Clock i8B International

Digital Clock i8B International£72.95   £43.14

NEW-Digital Clock i8/15+

NEW-Digital Clock i8/15+£72.95   £44.14

NEW-Digital Clock i8/15+ CELTIC PATTERN

NEW-Digital Clock i8/15+ CELTIC PATTERN£72.95   £45.14

NEW-Digital Clock i8/15+ FORGET-ME-NOT

NEW-Digital Clock i8/15+ FORGET-ME-NOT£72.95   £45.14

NEW-Digital Clock i8/15+ ROSES

NEW-Digital Clock i8/15+ ROSES£72.95   £45.14

Page 1 of 1:    8 Items

Easy to Read digital clock with all day to day Information, available in English only or Multi-Lingual models. Created by DayClox in 2011 reported this new award winning design proved to help many with different conditions. and were quickly embraced by many organisations including Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke and Sight Impaired communities.

Care Homes & NHS Trusts regularly buy in large quantities after so much praise on social media offering a degree of independence to so many by knowing at a glance what day it is, with the time and date has been described as the perfect clock!

Customers requested Designer Frames for their environment with a personal attractive look to the clocks.

Shipping Worldwide we pride ourselves for our customer service. Today there are many copies available but remember if it's not a DayClox then it is a copy!

Our Digital Clocks are supplied with a 12 Month Guarantee and may be purchased without paying the VAT .