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We are most concerned with the growth of copycat products becoming available on the many selling platforms like eBay and Amazon. The biggest problem is that some are supplying their products with our instructions and guarantees which are not only unlawful and misleading they will not be honoured by DayClox Ltd. The extremely high volume of fraudulent activity especially in the UK makes it almost impossible to monitor, but if you have fallen victim to such crimes, we will do our best to help you, but if you didn't buy from DayClox Ltd we are limited to what we can offer.   

Instructions for Digital DayClox

Switching On:
The latest models of these clocks have an Auto Switch-On facility when connected to the power supply. The Dayclox Welcome screen will show and clear after about 7 seconds and the calendar display of Day, Time, Date, will appear. Remember the power supply must remain connected at all times.

Press the MENU button to activate the menu display, press the up or down button to navigate the options and settings from the Top line:

Line 1, Set Date Menu - Highlighted in Yellow between the markers.
Pressing buttons < or > a Blue Box will highlight the section of the settings that can be changed < 14 - 02 - 2013 > Use the UP or DOWN buttons to adjust the day, then press buttons < or > to highlight the month < 14 - 02 - 2013> then the year < 14 - 02 - 2013 > (only the highlighted Blue Box can be changed). [Please Note: Latest models now highlight with an underline box] .

Line 2, Clock Mode - Press OK to select 12 hr / 24hr Mode: It is important to select 24hr Mode before setting the time so the clock knows the difference between 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. - 3 p.m. = 15 hrs in the 24 hour mode.

Line 3, Set Time -  Use the UP / DOWN button until the line changes to Yellow, then press the < or > to highlight the hours in a Blue Box < 11 : 00 > use the UP or DOWN buttons to adjust, then press < or > to adjust the minutes. < 11 : 17 > Press OK completes setting.

Line 4, Language -  Press UP / DOWN button to highlight in Yellow and press the < or > buttons to forward to the language preferred. .

Line 5, Calendar Mode -  (Hidden) From the highlighted Language Bar, press the Down Button once to select < British Mode > 1 April 2013 or < American Mode > April 1 2013. press the < or > to select the Calendar Mode highlighted then press Menu to exit.

Press Menu to complete or the menu automatic closes after 10 seconds.