4003-Day & Time Clock Movement Kit

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Day & Time Clock Movements are specially designed 12 hour quartz Movement with a 168 hour gearing to synchronise with the 7 days of the week. The movement casing is a standard 55mm width - with Day Adjustment wheel at the base of the movement and measures 66mm in height - The gearbox on the front of the movement increases the depth to 25mm - Collar 10.63 wide x 4.96mm high. Supplied complete with a 70mm Red Day Hand - 67mm Hour Hand - 97mm Minute Hand - 10.63mm retaining nut and brass centre cap (no second hand).

Specifications & More Info

Great for the DIY enthusiasts making up your own designed clock, or maybe just replacing the movement in an old clock. Movements are supplied complete with Rubber & Metal Washers, securing Nut - Indicator Hand/s and Cap or second indicator hand (where applicable) Opperate from a single AA Battery. Please select the indicator hand/s required. (Default hand is No. 1 if other is not selected).