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Dementia Wall Clocks – Day, Date and Time

Our easy-to-read day clocks makes a real difference to the lives people with dementia and their families. With the day of the week clearly displayed, people with memory impairment because of dementia, Alzheimer’s, stroke and other conditions experience an easing of confusion that helps them maintain a sense of dignity and independence. Knowing the day, date and time gives people a sense of stability, and helps them better manage their daily routine, knowing what to expect. This provides relief to carers, as users don’t have to ask what day it is. Our dementia calendar clocks have been designed with the real, lived experiences of those affected by memory and cognitive impairment in mind. Each calendar wall clock can be displayed on any wall at eye level for maximum visibility. Choose from both digital and analog options available in a range of attractive designs and finishes. All our dementia clocks can be ordered online for delivery to anywhere in the UK.

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Read about the positive impact our range of specialist dementia wall clocks has had on the lives of people all over the UK.

Dementia Clock Products in the UK

Dayclox are professionals in the dementia calendar and clock industry. Through our many years of experience we are able to supply customisable clocks and other dementia products across the UK to individuals who suffer from memory impairment.

Our dementia clocks, also known as day clocks, are strategically enhanced dementia products created to give individuals suffering from memory impairment an easily understandable and accessible method of understanding the date and time. By offering our dementia products to sufferers, we hope to take the pressure of both carers and put suffers minds at ease. Our dementia clocks are available to buy online throughout the UK and abroad and come in a wide variety of different designs. Our selection of dementia calendars and clocks include:

  • Digital Day Clocks - Commonly bought by both families and NHS officials. Our Digital dementia Clocks are available to families across the UK with up to 15 integrated languages.
  • Classic Day Clocks - For those who prefer to use analogue displays. Our classic Day Clocks are available as both calendar clocks and day clocks.
  • Tide Clocks - Perfect for those living close to the beach. Our tide clocks are designed to inform users of both the time and whether the tide is in or out.
  • Standard Quartz Clocks - Includes a selection of standard clocks which clearly display the date and time and come with a wide selection of sizes, shapes and colours.