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We are most concerned with the growth of copycat products becoming available on the many selling platforms like eBay and Amazon. The biggest problem is that some are supplying their products with our instructions and guarantees which are not only unlawful and misleading they cannot and will not be honoured by DayClox Ltd. The extremely high volume of fraudulent activity especially in the UK makes it almost impossible to monitor, but if you have fallen victim to such crimes, we will do our best to help you, but if you didn't buy from DayClox Ltd we are limited to what options we can offer.   


Can only be honoured during Checkout - Enter a valid Discount Code - Click Update Basket, the total will automatically adjust before completion once Checkout is completed we cannot issue credits or refunds if you did not apply a code during Checkout. 


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Cancellations: Please Note that ANY refunds especially PayPal transfers are subjected to a 4.25% Fee. These are fees automatically withdrawn at source and Not a charge by DayClox Ltd.

DayClox Limited is committed to meeting its obligations under the Data Protection Act of 1998 and does NOT sell, exchange or swap any customer information. 




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Returns postage for faulty goods may be refundable but not guaranteed, it will only cover the basic cost to include "1st Class Signed For" service, it does not include "Special Delivery" or Courier Fees.


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Established in Ramsgate Kent in 1993 as part of Xarim-Viking-Photos2Gifts we started creating a small selection of Day Clocks. Over the years the selection grew and sales expanded, but prices became difficult to maintain and a reliability factor became an issue with the special movements imported from the USA.

In 2007 the business moved to Rhyl in North Wales on personal grounds, at that time we had designed and had produced especially for Dayclox a reliable 168 hour quartz movement. This very successful day movement continues to provide a quality reliable product for our customers.

In 2011 by customer demand, we created the first and only Digital Calendar Day Clock in the world. Many wanted the big clear display day clock, they felt that the specialised clocks available were too much to pay, most had only WED for Wednesday and believed that they were not a great help to those who suffered with Alzheimer's or Dementia.

It took almost a year searching for a manufacturer to produce the Digital Calendar Day Clock to our Dayclox specifications. The gamble on the customers feedback paid for the first consignment. They were introduced only on the Dayclox website and the first 500 sold within 10 days.  It was evidently what the world had been waiting for, with sales to individual customers, Care Homes, Alzheimer & Dementia sales, Doctors, and the NHS.

The 8 inch ultra clear 'Easy to Read' display turned out to be the perfect size for almost every environment, with the clock doing nothing more that providing the near perfect display, removing the need to touch the clock for alarms or any other gimmicks which was important for those suffering with dementia as our research had identified.