FAQs & Returns

Frequently Asked Questions

I wanted a clock with an alarm do you make one?     After a Five Year Study we found that Alarms can and do cause confusion and sometimes distress for many who suffer with Alzheimer's & Dementia condition. We are aware that some Copycat makers have included alarms. We do not, as the original designers of these digital clocks for sufferers. We respected the results of the research which concluded that the less facilities to change the less accidental re-adjustment was required  after fiddling by end users. A high volume of clocks accidently damaged by the user trying to make adjustments removed any advantage of the Clear Easy to Read display. 

How do I change my clock to show a.m. / p.m.

It is very simple as days have 24 hour cycles, so only a 12 hour clock requires a.m. or p.m.  to indicate the split of the day. To display the a.m./p.m. simply set your clock to the 12 hour mode. It is highly recommended that setting/changing is in the 24 hour mode, so 06:00 is in the morning and 18:00 is in the afternoon. 

Is the Digital clock battery operated?
No, to produce the high quality clear display, batteries would last only hours powering a LED screen. There is a battery backup to remember the clock setting only. Power is from the supplied mains adaptor.

Digital Clocks - Is it wall hanging?
Yes it can be hung on the wall or it has a flip-out self-standing support for desk/table top use.
Does it glow in the dark?
Yes, this is something that a very small number of customers dislike at first, but most change their mind and like the vast majority are in favour of the low light the display produces and offering the easy to read day and time at any time!
Does the Calendar change automatically?
Yes, it has fully automatic Date Changes, it knows all the months with 30 or 31 day and all Leap Years too!
Only the Summer/Winter hour adjustment is not automatic.
Is it a Radio Controlled Clock?
No, Radio Controlled system has proved to be too unreliable in too many regions.
Will it show 12 hour a.m. / p.m. time?
Yes you can select the Time Mode in 12 hour or 24 hour display.
Can it show American Date style?
Yes, you can select either British 10 APRIL 2019 or American APRIL 10 2019 Date Mode.
Can I return it if I'm not happy with it?
We offer a 30 day money back return. However, the clock must be returned complete in its original condition and undamaged packing, shipping costs are not refunded.



We are most concerned with the growth of copycat products becoming available on the many selling platforms like eBay and Amazon. The biggest problem is that some are supplying their products with our instructions and guarantees which are not only unlawful and misleading they will not be honoured by DayClox Ltd. The extremely high volume of fraudulent activity especially in the UK makes it almost impossible to monitor, but if you have fallen victim to such crimes, we will do our best to help you, but if you didn't buy from DayClox Ltd we are limited to what we can offer.   

Please Note: Clock returns must be accompanied with a Returns Number obtained from Dayclox Ltd.

Please understand that the original order postage paid is not refundable. This will have been paid for a carrier to deliver your order and is not recoverable.

Returns postage for faulty goods may be refundable but not guaranteed, it will only cover the basic cost to include "1st Class Signed For" service, it does not include "Special Delivery" or Courier Fees.

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TIDE CLOCKS - Understanding How Tide Clocks work.

Congratulations, on your ‘Tideclox’ Tide Clock. From just a glance you can see the current tidal pattern for your location. Knowing if the tide is Coming IN or Going OUT can help you safely plan any seaside activities.

 The magnetic draw provided from moons rotation raises and lowers earths tides, but also atmospheric pressures have a strong influence of tides making 100% accurate predictions impossible. However a clock fitted with a lunar quartz movement rotating a complete cycle of 12 hours 25 minutes will in general remain synchronised with the daily tide settings.

 The lunar period has a variable attraction during its 29.53 Earth Day elliptical cycle depending on its distance from Earth affects the height of the tides, i.e. ‘Spring Tides’, which in turn can make High and Low tide times vary. The basic tides do settle back and will return to be synchronised with the lunar cycle.

 How to Set your Tide Clock

Obtain your Local High Tide time, this information is usually found in local newspapers, tide tables, or online eg: https://www.tidetime.org/europe/united-kingdom/ . On the day of the next Full or New Moon is the recommended time to set up your Tide Clock for the  best results. Knowing the actual time of the Full or New Moon, will help you set it correctly as the a.m. or p.m. will affect the performance.

 Insert a fresh AA Battery ensuring it is seated correctly and firmly in the battery compartment. Using the “adjust wheel” at the back of the tide clock movement, turn it clockwise until the indicator points to the High Tide {12 o’clock position} at the published local high tide time.

 Your Tide Clock should now be synchronised with the Lunar Cycle and the Tides and provide you with many years enjoyment.

Our movements have proved so reliable over the past 30 years they are supported with a 2 year guarantee.