About Us

As if we needed proof that AMAZON is a host to too many dishonest traders.

This is what customers tell us:  - Oh my … I tried to ensure I was purchasing  Dayclox clock.  This one was listed as “Dayclox”.  I hate that, as I always try to support the real manufacturer and purchase the real product.  Thank you for the information.  If I have to buy a new clock, I will purchase somewhere other than Amazon.Thanks so much for your help!. XXXXX XXXXXX  HCS – Applications Developer 

DayClox is a family run business formally Xarim, was established in 1992.

Xarim created many personalised products and by request concentrated in designing a variety of clocks which included specialised memorial clocks for the Royal British Legion as presentation gifts for war graves around the world. This specialisation was developed with many RAF museums around the UK with the reproduction of Sector Clocks continuing to be a popular choice.

In the late 1990’s we diversified to include production of Tide Clocks and Day Clocks, at one time being the biggest supplier with may credits for our “Easy to Read” designs. The growth of Xarim continued and later in 2007 we introduced an expansion plan to include TideClox.com and DayClox.com.  Some of our most popular DayClox outlets were the Communities of the Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke and Sight Impaired.

As designers and creators of these clocks we had requests for a design that would accommodate the difficulties that many within those communities experienced in trying to read an everyday quartz clock. We designed and developed the Digital Calendar Day Clock based on an 8” digital frame.

Its reception was outstanding, declaring in their feedback that the DayClox digitals offered a sense of independence to many with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, which we find most satisfying.

In 2017 we created our colour version that has developed an incredible following and continues to increase in sales and popularity today.