Day Clocks for Alzheimers Sufferers

Many carers and family members express their delight in the way sufferers of Alzheimer's, Dementia and Stroke are helped simply by having a Day Clock. Sufferers are unaware of any pressure by constantly asking their carers, What day is it?

Almost all purchases are followed up by the same level of feedback expressing how much a Day Clock has helped. In many cases this simple item becomes a focal point and centre of attraction for the sufferer.  At DayClox, being a small British business, we have many designs having been inspired by our customers in pursuit of creating the perfect "Easy to Read" Day Clock available. Not only the widest choice, but DayClox provide the best prices and discounts for such a specialised market.

Our imagination was the creation of the Digital Calendar Day Clock, which has received enormous praise and sales.

It is upsetting for us that so many copycat producers, promote their products as Alzheimer Clocks, whilst this design has been embraced by that community it was never designed or should be described as such. It is only described as a Alzheimers Clock to gain sympathetic sales.


What is a Day Clock?

Often those who have never heard of a Day Clock see them as a bit of a novelty.

If you don't need one, possibly it is, but even the most cynical amongst us, once they understand the need for one, become impressed on how such a simple idea can be a great aid to the many that do.

What Day is it?
Carers and families are familiar with this request from Alzheimer's & Dementia sufferers; it is one part of the memory that seems to be affected in the early stages of these terrible conditions.

How Day Clocks work?

We buy standard quartz clocks, remove the movements, hands and the face or dial.  The clocks are then fitted with one of our own specially designed battery operated 168 hour quartz movements.

168 hour clock movements: This is the amount of hours in a week, so when you set the clock at 12 midday on a Wednesday the next time the indicator hand points to that position it is exactly 1 week in time:  The single AA battery normally will last 12 months plus.

Customers select a design from the wide choice of clocks and styles; we insert the new face and matching indicator hand.  They are simple, but very effective and if you ever have that moment of doubt of what day it is, a quick glance can help you through your day!


What Are The Benefits Of An Alzheimer’s Clock?


By choosing to use our Alzheimer clocks, both dementia sufferers and carers have access to a number of benefits. Examples include:


  •        An Easing Of Confusion- Problem-solving can often become stressful for those suffering from dementia. Our Alzheimer clocks can give sufferers of  memory impairment the ability to understand things that they would otherwise struggle with.
  •    Increasing Independence- Without the need to constantly ask carers questions such as the date and time, sufferers can feel much more independent.
  •        Creates A Routine-by using our Alzheimer’s clocks, sufferers of memory impairment can easily structure their day by organising what they want to do and when they want to do it.
  •       Less Stress On Carers- By purchasing an Alzheimer’s clock, carers can feel safe knowing that they have given sufferers of dementia the tools they need to feel safe on their own.