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"Easy to Read" Digital Clock Silent Success!

Our Award winning digital clock design, proved to help so many people with different health conditions. 

Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke and Sight Impaired communities have described as BRILLIANT and adopted by many organisations such as NHS Trusts,

We created these clocks in 2009 - Now with World-Wide demand, our latest model has 15 languages plus a choice of 4 different screen styles built-in.  

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DayClox - i8/2020  English

DayClox - i8/2020 English£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020  Spanish

DayClox - i8/2020 Spanish£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020  Welsh

DayClox - i8/2020 Welsh£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 Finnish

DayClox - i8/2020 Finnish£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 French

DayClox - i8/2020 French£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 German

DayClox - i8/2020 German£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 Greek

DayClox - i8/2020 Greek£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 Hebrew

DayClox - i8/2020 Hebrew£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 Italian

DayClox - i8/2020 Italian£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 Nederlands

DayClox - i8/2020 Nederlands£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 Norwegian

DayClox - i8/2020 Norwegian£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 Polish

DayClox - i8/2020 Polish£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 Portuguese

DayClox - i8/2020 Portuguese£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 Russian

DayClox - i8/2020 Russian£87.50   £44.89


DayClox - i8/2020 Swedish

DayClox - i8/2020 Swedish£87.50   £44.89


International Clock

International Clock£87.50   £49.89

15 Languages

Page 1 of 1:    16 Items

DayClox have been described as the Perfect clock, showing at a glance the Day, Time and Date.

Offering for many a degree of independence and relief to Carers and Family members. Not only do UK Care Homes and NHS Trusts regularly buy our digital day clocks in large quantities, but Social Media platforms have spread the word internationally. In response our clocks are multilingual with 15 integrated languages. They are easy to set-up and left  with your choice of language and display. 

Shipping is normally Worldwide, but new restricted from where we have experienced delivery difficulties.

What's NEW for the i8 (international 8 inch)  2020 Digital Clock?

New 5 cycles in All languages: i.e. Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night. Reported  to be invaluable for many use.

4 styles of Display are now in All languages, "White Text on Black or Black Text on White or Black and White or Red White Blue Colour Backgrounds.

NEW adjustable Day & Night time Dimmer choice.  -  NEW easy to change Language choice.  -  See full User Instructions before making up your mind.


Please Note:  Due to "Customs Clearance" issues in some countries, customers outside the UK have experienced exceptionally long shipping times / late deliveries during this difficult period. For this is the reason some shipping destinations have been temporarily removed from our website. We wish everyone good health and stay safe.

Supplied with a 12 Month Guarantee and for EU residents they may be purchased without paying the 20% VAT