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Sometimes we may miss a very small but important piece of information when making a purchase. For example: 

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We are most concerned with the growth of copycat products becoming available on the many selling platforms like eBay and Amazon. The biggest problem is that some are supplying their products with our instructions and guarantees which are not only unlawful and misleading they will not be honoured by DayClox Ltd. The extremely high volume of fraudulent activity especially in the UK makes it almost impossible to monitor, but if you have fallen victim to such crimes, we will do our best to help you, but if you didn't buy from DayClox Ltd we are limited to what we can offer.   

The Original "Easy to Read" Clear Display Digital Calendar Clock.

"What Day is it?" is one of the most common questions from those suffering from memory loss conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimer's.  This simple yet extremely effective digital clock can make the world of difference to the individual and the family or the carer.

  • Displays in 8 Languages
  • Self-Standing or Wall Hanging
  • 8” LED Screen
  • 100+ Year Automatic Calendar
  • 12 or 24 Hour Mode Option
  • Silent Operation
  • Auto Night Dimmer

It is said that copying is the highest form of flattery. We would not agree with the volume of copy clocks now available on the market, so naturally as the original creators, we recommend you buy one from us for your support and guarantee.

Expectations from a Tide Clock.                                      .
During a Lunar period (29.53 days) a tide clock may indicate errors as much as an hour or so from the actual tides, generally this is only for 4 or 5 days of the Lunar period. This is not a fault only one of the many other factors of nature disturbing the major Lunar  attraction. For this reason we do not describe, promote, or sell Tide Clocks as accurate  tidal instruments.                     .
They should not be compared with other computer generated  Tide Tables which like Tide Clocks cannot take into account the many variable factors. However, Tide Clocks do provide a reasonably good guide to the tidal pattern for the location they have been set; offering at a glance the approximate hours and direction of the tidal pattern, which is all most people need to help plan their day at the coast.  That said, they can be and remain surprisingly accurate.