Tide Clocks

TideClox - with over 20 years experience creating Superb Easy to Read Tidal Indicator at great style and design with great prices. 

  • Tide Clocks are fitted with (12 hour 25 minute) Luna Tide Quartz movements
  • Powered by a single AA battery which can be set for any location.
  • Provides an indication of the Tidal pattern for the local area.               .
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Brass Time & Tide Clock Coastguard

Brass Time & Tide Clock Coastguard£55.95   £34.95

Brass Barometer - Weather Station

Brass Barometer - Weather Station£39.95   £29.85

Brass Tide Clock Coastwatch

Brass Tide Clock Coastwatch£44.95   £27.50

Shoreline - 300 Tide Clock

Shoreline - 300 Tide Clock£39.95   £26.67

''Peacehaven'' Bedside  Tide Clock

"Peacehaven" Bedside Tide Clock£29.95   £19.95

10'' (250mm) 2020 Shoreline Tide Clock

10" (250mm) 2020 Shoreline Tide Clock£27.95   £18.75

10'' (250mm) 2020 Tide Clock

10" (250mm) 2020 Tide Clock£27.95   £18.75

Maine-Solent Tide Clock

Maine-Solent Tide Clock£27.95   £18.75

Sandy Cove de luxe Tide Clock

Sandy Cove de luxe Tide Clock£27.95   £18.75

1890 Sea Clock

1890 Sea Clock£19.95   £15.83

8'' (200mm) 2020 Tide Clock

8" (200mm) 2020 Tide Clock£25.95   £15.83

Channel Tide Clock

Channel Tide Clock£19.95   £15.83

Clwydian Coast Tide Clock

Clwydian Coast Tide Clock£24.95   £15.83

Sail  Tide Clock

Sail Tide Clock£19.95   £15.83

Sandy Paws Classic Tide Clock

Sandy Paws Classic Tide Clock£15.83  -  £21.67


Surf  Tide Clock

Surf Tide Clock£19.95   £15.83

Walkies Tide Clock

Walkies Tide Clock£15.83  -  £21.67


Wessex Tide Clock Classic

Wessex Tide Clock Classic£19.95   £15.83


Page 1 of 1:    18 Items

How a Tide Clock works

A Lunar Tide Quartz Movement is a relatively simple and accurate instrument. It is designed to rotate at 12 hours 25 minutes to synchronise with the Moon’s lunar cycle as it is the magnetic or gravitation pull of the Moon as the major controlling factor affecting the tidal pattern on Earth.  As the lunar period has a variable attraction during its 29.53 Earth Day’s, depending on its distance from Earth affects the height of the tides, i.e. Spring Tides, which in turn can make tidal times vary. The basic tides do settle back and will return to be synchronised with the lunar cycle. So it is easy to confirm that a Tide Clock is operating correctly, by comparing it with a standard chronological 12 hour clock in 12 hours 25 minutes the indicator should indicate the same position.

How to Set your Tide Clock

On the day of the next Full or New Moon obtain your local high tide time, this information is usually found in local newspapers, tide tables, or online eg: https://www.tidetime.org/europe/united-kingdom/ . Knowing the time of the Full or New Moon, will help you set it during the a.m. or p.m. for even greater accuracy. Using the “adjust wheel” at the back of the tide clock movement, turn it clockwise until the indicator points to the High Tide {12 o’clock position} at the published local high tide time. Insert a fresh AA Battery ensuring it is seated correctly and firmly in the battery compartment.