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B008 - Coastguard

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The Coastguard Tide & Time is possibly the best priced and very attractive 6" Spun Brass Clock.

The  5.75" (148mm) brass casement with a 4" (100mm) face, flat glass lens and stylish metal hand. Ideal in the home, office, or on a boat.  

Fitted with a quartz movement mounted on a  synchronised slip gear for the daily Lunar tidal pattern of 12 hour 25 minutes to indicate the tidal patter for the area it is set for.

Specifications & More Info

Requires a single AA Battery - and comes with a 24 month Guarantee & Instructions.

Fitted with our own special 12 hour 25 minute Lunar quartz movement using a single AA Battery to keep the smart black open metal indicator hand pointing to the tidal trend of the day. 

The optimum time to set a Tide Clock is on the day of a Full or New Moon. For that day obtain the local tide information; this is usually provided in a local Newspapers, tide tables, or the internet,

Using the “adjust wheel” at the back of the tide movement, turn it clockwise until the Indicator hand points to the High Tide (12 o'clock position) at the published high tide time. Insert a new AA Battery ensuring it is seated correctly and firmly in the battery compartment.

Understanding Tides & Expectations from a Tide Clock. Earth's Tides major controlling influence is the magnetic attraction of the Moon. A Tide Clock has a Lunar Quartz Movement to indicate the tidal pattern for where it has been set. It is relatively simple and quite an accurate instrument, rotating at 12 hours 25 minutes synchronising with the Moon's lunar cycle. 

It must be taken into account that the tides are a force of nature which is affected by many other influences such as Lunar and Solar activity, High and Low atmospheric pressures, local and distant weather patterns. Wind Directions and Velocity will and do affect daily tide times.

The Lunar cycle is also dependant on its distance from Earth; this equally has an effect on the hight of the tides, i.e. Spring Tides. A Lunar period is 29.53 days. During this period a tide indicator clock may indicate errors as much as an hour or so from actual tide times, generally this is only for a few days of the Lunar period. This is not a fault; it is only one of the many factors of nature disturbing the major Lunar attraction: Do not re-adjust after being setup. 

The basic tides do settle back and return to be synchronised with the lunar cycle. Tide clocks should not be compared with computer generated daily Tide Tables which like a Tide Clock cannot take the many variable factors into account.
For this reason; we do not describe, promote, or sell Tide Clocks as an accurate tidal instrument. However, a Tide clock, if left alone, will provide a reasonably good guide to the tidal pattern for the location set; offering at a glance the approximate hours and direction of the tides, which is all most people need to help plan their day at the coast.

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