NEW 2025 International Digital Clock

Our latest version of our World Wide Successful Digital Clock.

All these images below show the fantastic flexibility of our One Digital Clock.

Each language can display in 4 different modes with dual Time mode, dual Date mode and unique Dimmer modes

Plus we have included the User Instructions below.

What's NEW for the i8 (international 8 inch)  2020 Digital Clock?

  • All languages now display the Daily cycle: i.e. Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night.
  • All languages now can display in all 4 styles, Colour, Black & White, Black on White, or White on Black.
  • NEW adjustable Day & Night time Dimmer choice.
  • NEW easy to change Language choice. 
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254mm (10") Digital Clock - Model 1010 For UK Only
200mm (8") Digital Clock - 2025 White Frame
201mm (8") Digital Clock - 2025 Black Frame