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Sandy Paws Classic Tide Clock

Sandy Paws Classic Tide Clock
Frame: Paws - 515 Black FrameFrame: Paws - 1224W White FrameFrame: Paws - 1224G Grey Frame
Frame: Paws - 1224S Silver FrameFrame: Paws  - 24170 Cherry Wood Frame
Our Price:  £12.50 (exc VAT)
£15.00 (inc VAT)

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Another very popular pictorial tide clock especially at gift time.

Now available in a choice of Colour, Quality and Price.

Fitted with a Luna-Tide 12 hour 25 minute Movement powered by a single AA battery.

2 Year Guarantee.

Check the additional for specifications:

Black 515 = 8" (200 mm) Classic Plastic Frame.

White 1224W = 9.5" (220 mm) Standard Plastic Frame

Silver 1224S = 9,5" (220 mm) Standard Plastic Frame

Grey 1224G = 9.5" (220 mm) Standard Plastic Frame.

Cherry Wood 24170 8" (200 mm) Quality Wooden Frame.

Walnut Wooden 710 10" (250 mm) Quality Wooden Frame

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